AThoS Studios


What stories should be told?
How can a story be told?
How can we connect to you the audience and make you think?

These continually challenge our minds to come up with the most creative and interesting solutions when producing content. This journey began with A Throne of Shadows in October 2017, which quickly developed from the idea of a series of Shakespearean monologues delivered from a Jacobean chair into a sci-fi webseries.

In this journey Keith and I have proved and continue to do so that you can create whatever you want provided you have and develop the technical skills to do so and continually look for the excitement of the challenge and never fixate on the result- keep it as a guide but always be open to where your journey of discovery is taking you.

Write your ideas down as they come to you and never dismiss them as silly or say: ‘’no-one would ever buy that!”. Your brain is a mill of creativity, let it flow uncensored on to the paper or in your notes, open on your phone. State it to create it.

On the back of A Throne of Shadows has come the desire to tell more stories and also harness different aspects of filmmaking. At the end of 2019, Keith, myself and fellow actor colleague Simon Gibbons created quirky short film: Fool’s Gold”, shot entirely on an iPhone.

Whatever your projects are ensure you place your focus more on the process rather than on the result, you will reap a much better harvest.

To your success and enjoy the journey!